On her rise to being one of the top business moguls of our time, Cloé Luv has accomplished a great deal, on the course of her journey. With an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Berkeley College, a B.S. at St. John’s University in Legal Studies and an MPA & MBA from John Jay College and Full Sail University, Cloé Luv’s academic expertise kept her ahead of the class and ahead of her time. Cloé Luv concealed a secret passion for music as a songwriter, until she met two music producers who go by the name, Brook Brovaz. With an unbelievable sound and incredible talent Cloé Luv joined forces with them surprisingly, not as a songwriter. With her keen sense to detail, leadership skills and business savviness, Cloé Luv knew she had to implement an industry structure essential to Brook Brovaz evolution. Therefore, Cloé Luv assumed the position as Brook Brovaz Personal & Business manager taking Brook Brovaz to noteworthy pinnacles!


      Her approach to business is shrewd, calculated and looked at on a grand scale. A music production company, recording studios, non-for profit, Beauty, clothing, tech company, several clients and investors later, Cloé has taken the role as the leading lady very seriously and she is nowhere next to finish. 



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